2018 – What a beautiful year!

Gratefully I look back on a beautiful year in which I have written and published 5 books. After the release of the 5th book Camino Encounters Earth Book on September 21st, I have given several workshops Nine Star Ki & Five elements for which the candidates travelled from far (Gorinchem, Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Eemnes, Almere) to come to Aalten.

In these last days before the new year I am busy with developing the next two workshops; Five Elements Food which starts in February and Feng Shui which starts in March.

Do you want to gain insight into your personal response to certain situations and your relationships with other people or where your talents lie and the challenges in your life? The Nine Star Ki displays the characteristics of your personality and places in your home where you feel good and where you can ‘recharge’ yourself. As for health, it shows you what the right diet is, what you need for personal relaxation, mindfulness, spirituality and how to live a vital life.

Get inspired by the ancient Chinese knowledge and start 2019 with a new understanding of yourself and others which will make your life so much more interesting and which might change your life!

The Camino Encounters Serie is complete!