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Camino Encounters Metal book is the first book in a series of five books. It describes the time that I spent in a hospital in Porto, in the summer of 2017. The whole experience tested my ability to get through and survive, as I feared for my life. I wish I had not had to pay such a high price for this knowledge. But, would I have listened? I believe I learnt the hard way because a soft approach does not belong in the metal environment. Metal does not bend naturally. It can be as hard as steel and how else to cut through this other than with a razor-sharp knife?

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Camino Encounters Metal book is the first in a series of five books.

According to the Nine Star Ki, an ancient Oriental teaching, I am a metal person. There was a great need to break through the boundaries and achieve flexibility but also acceptance. Fortunately, I am blessed with inexhaustible endurance, I do not give up and I never give in! Those are my vows when it comes to living life. But, these where put to the ultimate test in Porto. And that is not the first time in my life. Surviving has become my expertise over the past 17 years by caring for my terminally ill husband whilst raising our two daughters and keeping a roof above our heads.

The metal element stands on one hand for grief and on the other hand for courage. Perhaps you can imagine if you choose not to allow grief to surface but to pursue by bravely stepping forth, that this will create an imbalance. It is important that grief and courage alternate. Grief is a response to loss and missing somebody or something. We need to feel this in depth to allow us to go on. Somehow a metal person knows when to say goodbye and go on, he or she can make choices. I am metal but I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Nevertheless, it gave me a very valuable insight. Loss of control was the biggest challenge for me it took me way out of my comfort zone but it also brought me home.

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4 reviews for METAL BOOK – Camino Encounters

  1. John Verhoof

    Een indrukwekkend verhaal.

  2. Sandra

    Ongelofelijk, adembenemend, bizar, beproeving tot de max, kippenvel, mooi♥
    Het verhaal overstijgt de verbeelding en zo mooi dat Ellen er toch iets uit kon halen en ombuigen naar iets positiefs WOW…….

  3. David

    A very honest, and heartfelt account of a very traumatic and very scary experience in very difficult circumstances. Thankfully with a positive outcome.

  4. Peter Holst

    Debra and I first met Ellen, and her wonderful friend Sietske, in the French town of St John Pied de Port on the day before Ellen commenced her second Camino walk. In the short time we shared time with Ellen, including a dinner and a wonderful days walk accompanying them on their first day of this Camino, we gained snippets of Ellen’s story and her quest to find her meaning. Since then we have become good friends, gaining an understanding of Ellen’s life and quest since Mike became ill, and then the story of Ellen’s life, love and adventure before then.

    I was fortunate to be involved in reading Ellen’s books as they were written and as such have gained an insight into this woman’s struggle and resulting emergence on the other side as a stronger and focused person. The stories in this series, starting with the Metal Book, are raw and from the heart. Written as Ellen would narrate them, this book provide the start to a wonderful series of books. You might not believe the struggles Ellen has had to endure from a personal, mental and physical perspective, however believe me they are so true.

    We hope you enjoy these books.

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